by NicoleAdmin, November 17, 2015


with editsHello! I’m Nicole…Colorado native, IT engineer, co-owner of a Colorado design and apparel company, and my favorite title…photographer. I picked up my first camera 10+ years ago when I was in junior high school and haven’t put one down since. I go back and forth between wanting to shoot professionally or just as a hobby. Most of the time I lean towards just letting this be my hobby because I fear that the pressure of making money to pay the bills will put a damper on the joy I feel when I pick up a camera.

I love storytelling and for me that’s what photography is all about.


Family, Engagement, Maternity, Headshots, Weddings, Events, Sports, Real Estate, etc

*Very happy to donate my services for non-profits or needy causes. Use the contact page to email me!


All prices include rights to digital photos.
Portrait Sessions start at $300
Events start at $200
Weddings start at $1800